doula services

Doula Services
If you are interested in working with me please contact me for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit, and to have all of your questions answered in a more personal format.  A Doula's role is an intimate one during labor and birth, and a favorable “chemistry” is best for both parties.

Once you have hired me we will have a prenatal visit in the comfort of your own home, where I will get to learn all about you and your preferences for the birth in great detail. We will face your fears together and alleviate your concerns through information and preparation. I aim to advise you in a way that will result in a smoother labor through mental and physical preparation. Topics we will discuss include preparation of your body, pain coping, your partner’s role (if you have one), communication with your care providers, and how best I can support you (both) through this process. You can also contact me by email, phone, or Video Chat starting from the date of hire with any questions or concerns that you may have.

I will be on call 24/7 for the five weeks of your due time period. I will join you in labor when you feel that you need my support to manage. For women birthing in the hospital, I prefer to meet you at home in labor if possible and help you travel to the hospital. I will support you through the labor physically, emotionally, and by providing information to aid with decision making. I am experienced with relaxation techniques, positioning, hydrotherapy, massage, hypnosis, breathing, visualization and other methods of pain management. I am happy to help your partner or other support person be more engaged or to aid them in staying calm during this intense occasion. I make a specific effort to bring the best out of the medical staff and engage everyone to work as a team.

After the birth, my role is to help ensure that you have an oasis of calm interaction with your newborn. We will be in close contact during the days following the birth. I will then follow up with a home visit, usually within a week after the birth. This visit can include help with breast feeding, healing, adjustment, soothing techniques for the baby as well as numerous other postpartum and newborn care issues.

While I am primarily a birth doula I do offer Postpartum Doula Services for families whose births I have attended. Unlike most Postpartum Doulas I am totally flexible with my families and do not require any commitment to a certain number of sessions. As your Postpartum Doula I am here to offer you non-judgemental, highly informative support in finding your own way as a new mother and family.

Virtual Doula Services are also available if your hospital limits the number of support people you can have, you live outside of my physical service range or you just prefer this option.  Please contact me to learn more about this very effective alternative model.