Childbirth Testimonials
John and I will always treasure the experience of our first childbirth and your important role in it. Thank you so much for being such a huge support for us, not only through each contraction but also in helping us know what questions to ask the medical staff and in framing our thinking about the entire process. You are an amazing doula, and John and I both agree that we would not have wanted to do this without you. The whole experience, for me, was positive and fascinating. I look forward to telling our daughter about it when she's older, and having you help us again in the future.
                          —Ginny and John;  Brooklyn, NY 
(baby Nina)

Bonu was my doula for my third birth and despite my being the "expert" (author of The Big Book of Birth), labor is labor and Bonu was an invaluable resource. The labor ended up being my longest and hardest, and already having known how wonderful Bonu is professionally as a teacher, I got to see her in action as a doula. She brings a calm strength, empathy and is willing to put the work in with you. She was a spiritual rock, a pillar of strength for all the hip squeezes I needed during extended back labor and hung in with me when I stalled in transition. She helped me move into every possible known pushing position to support getting my 9.5 lb girl out.  
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Bonu is a truly gifted support person who brings experience, intelligence and dedication to whoever is lucky enough to know her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 
—Erica and Dylan;  Bay Ridge, NY  (baby Georgie)
   [author, The Big Book of Birth]

Bonu is wonderful! She helped me achieve my goal of giving birth naturally, and I am certain that I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. Aside from helping me through the birth physically, she kept us calm and focused, acted as a advocate for me when I was too wrapped up in the birth to advocate for myself, and provided help with nursing. She provided a thorough pre-birth 'interview' to obtain information regarding my ideal birth plan. She stayed in touch through the final weeks of pregnancy, and on the actual day, she worked hard to ensure that I was comfortable, and that everything was proceeding as much to plan as possible. Bonu came back to visit us a week or so after the birth of my son, for a follow up. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula. She is so knowledgeable, and she used this knowledge to help reduce the pain of childbirth through various techniques, and made me feel calm, confident, and secure throughout my birth experience. Natural childbirth is a daunting task, but she helped me through it. If I am lucky enough to have another child, I will definitely want Bonu by my side!
                          —Samantha and Maurice;  West Village, NY  (baby Jack)

Words cannot express how grateful I (we) are for your support throughout Camille's birth. Thanks to you and your wide range of strategies and your calm energy I experienced exactly the birth I had wanted. Seriously, from the hip circles to squatting in the hallway, to helping me find the right "O" tone, to strongly suggesting we get in the shower right when I needed to be told how to cope, to finding a doctor when we really needed one. Brian and I can't thank you enough for all your help and support. I doubt I would've had a VBAC without you. We have already recommended you to friends and could gladly be a reference anytime in the future.
                          —Brooke and Brian;  New York, NY  (baby Camille)

I have a new found clarity about how awesome your work is! Thank you so much for your great work with the three of us. Your knowledge and abilities with the whole process made it an easier transition. Your presence made it a good, positive experience for me and especially for my husband. Your passion and dedication to your craft is very clear. The inner peace and serenity that you carry with you is truly inspiring! Muchas Gracias.” 
                          —Tanya and Gabriel;  Fairlawn, NJ  (baby Gabriel)

Thank you so much for all of your help during my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. My memories of my labor and delivery are vivid and centered around your perfectly calm presence, voice and touch. Your ability to be in the moment, balancing both supporting and challenging me towards my goal was inspiring. You will forever be in my heart. Your quick and calm response to every change in circumstance shows your clear talent and deep experience. Cheers to you.
                          —Andrea and Andrew;  Queens, NY  (baby Mercer)

Giving birth without drugs was something that never crossed my mind until my husband and I learned, in childbirth class, the domino effect that getting one drug and then another can have during labor....When we met Bonu I knew this was the woman who would help me. She has a perfect mix of experience, assertiveness, empathy, strength, and focus. Bonu was available for questions during pregnancy, giving me far more information than our obstetrician could give me during any of our brief appointments. I also liked that she has a holistic approach, one that prepares you physically as well as mentally for giving birth. And I am not exaggerating to say that after the birth of our daughter as well as our son, two years later, my husband and I both felt like we wanted to marry her! Strong and calm, she makes you believe you can.
                           —Yishane and Ray;  Inwood, NY  (baby Tashi and Rio)

Erik and I were truly grateful for your presence at the birth of Samuel. From the 6 hours of continuously massaging my back... to the coaching during labor and convincing Dr. X to stay, I don't see how I would have been able to deliver Samuel without you. And you should know that BOTH doctors made a point of saying how great you were. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 
                          —Cathy and Erik;  West Village, NY  (baby Samuel)

Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about Bonu. She is knowledgeable, professional, warm, caring, and very calming. Childbirth is such an emotional and grueling experience, and it was so helpful to have a nurturing and seasoned source of support and encouragement by my side. She provided a great deal of reassurance throughout the birth, and she and my husband worked beautifully together (I think Bonu really helped him A LOT). She was such a positive force throughout labor and worked tirelessly to comfort and nurture me. She worked very hard to ensure that my husband and I had the beautiful birth experience we wanted, and we can't imagine sharing the joy of our first born daughter with anyone else. She was absolutely fantastic!! And incidentally, I don't think that I could have achieved my goal of natural childbirth without her by my side (my own midwife was wavering in the end). She also worked with the nurse to make sure things in our birth plan were realized and it was so great that we didn't have to advocate for these things ourselves... just focus on the momentous task at hand.
                          —Erica & Salman;  Upper West Side, NY  (baby Sofia)

Childbirth Education Testimonials
Bonu was an excellent instructor. Really passionate and knowledgeable and reassuring. We feel so much more informed about the labor process and much more prepared, mentally! She could not have done a better job.” 

I just wanted to thank you a million times over. As I said in class, I was a wreck the first trimester. Nervous, freaked out, and totally helpless. But after your class I feel like I have all the information to make the best decision for me and my baby. I was 100% set on an epidural and had zero confidence about going into labor. After this weekend I am so confident I've decided to try and do this on my own. Hell yes it's going to hurt, it's childbirth, but that's ok, and if I need anything extra that's ok too. Thank you for a truly inspirational weekend without being preachy, judgmental or persuasive.

Bonu was a great teacher— engaging, knowledgeable, and we left the class having learned quite a few things we didn't know before we walked in the door! I would recommend this class to any new parents, regardless of how much help they have lined up for after the arrival of the baby. The things we learned in class have given us the confidence to approach the first weeks of our baby's life with confidence.