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Childbirth Education
Comprehensive childbirth classes cover all of the information you will need to navigate the modern maternity care system. This is not your motherʼs Lamaze! The information provided is well researched and based on current scientific knowledge while being very practical and approachable. Labor and birth are presented as a normal biological process with lots of variations. Students will learn and practice many pain management techniques including massage, breathing, positions, vocalization, acupressure, hydrotherapy and more. Medical options for pain relief (epidurals, spinals, narcotics, nitrous oxide) will also be covered in detail. 

Modern technological advances in maternity are presented— including strategies to decrease your chance of needing surgery for birth (Cesarean is the most common surgery in this country and the rate is above 35% in many area hospitals). Partners will be actively engaged in the class. My goal is for students to leave feeling they have the power and tools to navigate labor and birth successfully while getting the best care possible for a positive experience. Classes are appropriate for any birth setting, home, birth center or hospital.

Classes have three formats:

1. Large Group: 9 hour weekend Intensive format offered once a month at Pregnancy & Parenting. Classes typically have 4 to 7 couples, the larger group can be quite fun with the diversity of comments and questions. 

2. Small Group or Semi-Private: This can be a great format if you have a pregnant friend or two. Timing depends on the size of the group, but is usually between 8 and 12 hours.

3. Private: Typically two 3 hour classes, but can be shorter or longer depending on your needs. Privates are tailored to provide the information specific to your situation whether you are preparing for a home birth or a scheduled cesarean. They allow the greatest flexibility in terms of scheduling for the busy professional couple.

Class Schedules
You can find my group class schedules at
Please contact me to schedule a private or semi-private.

Childbirth Education Testimonials
Bonu was an excellent instructor. Really passionate and knowledgeable and reassuring. We feel so much more informed about the labor process and much more prepared, mentally! She could not have done a better job.” 

I just wanted to thank you a million times over. As I said in class, I was a wreck the first trimester. Nervous, freaked out, and totally helpless. But after your class I feel like I have all the information to make the best decision for me and my baby. I was 100% set on an epidural and had zero confidence about going into labor. After this weekend I am so confident I've decided to try and do this on my own. Hell yes it's going to hurt, it's childbirth, but that's ok, and if I need anything extra that's ok too. Thank you for a truly inspirational weekend without being preachy, judgmental or persuasive.

Bonu was a great teacher— engaging, knowledgeable, and we left the class having learned quite a few things we didn't know before we walked in the door! I would recommend this class to any new parents, regardless of how much help they have lined up for after the arrival of the baby. The things we learned in class have given us the confidence to approach the first weeks of our baby's life with confidence.